Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The 100 - Book Review

Author: Kass Morgan
Edition: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Paperback
Released: January 1st 2013
Pages: 336 Approx.
Links: Goodreads - Buy the Book 

Ever since a devastating nuclear war, humanity has lived on spaceships far above Earth's radioactive surface. Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents -- considered expendable by society -- are being sent on a dangerous mission: to recolonize the planet. It could be their second chance at life...or it could be a suicide mission.

CLARKE was arrested for treason, though she's haunted by the memory of what she really did. WELLS, the chancellor's son, came to Earth for the girl he loves -- but will she ever forgive him? Reckless BELLAMY fought his way onto the transport pod to protect his sister, the other half of the only pair of siblings in the universe. And GLASS managed to escape back onto the ship, only to find that life there is just as dangerous as she feared it would be on Earth.

Confronted with a savage land and haunted by secrets from their pasts, the hundred must fight to survive. They were never meant to be heroes, but they may be mankind's last hope.

If you didn't know already, this book was actually made into a tv show. My 2 sisters intruduced me to the show, and by the first episode I was hooked. Once I completed watching season 1, I went straight to the book depository to the buy the book. 
So if you can not yet tell, I was super pumped to read this book.

First off, this book was not what I expected. The TV show is wayyyyy different. The book has a character called Glass, who is definitely not in the TV show.. I was quite shocked to find that big change.
Also if you have seen the television show, FINN IS NOT IN THE BOOK. LIKE WHAT!!??! I find Finn a massive character in the show, and to find him not in the book is depressing.

One of the things I love about the book is the names of the characters. Lots of the names are so unique and different! Some of the names I like are Bellamy, Octavia and Clarke. These 3 names are so quirky and funky!

I would say this book is quite a short one. Only about 330 pages with small chapters. This makes the book a quick, fun, easy read. The novel doesn't drag on for too long which is great. 

The story that goes along with this book is really fast paced and gripping. There's never really a boring moment so it's hard to stop reading! :P

Now... I have to say something I think I might regret. I like the TV show better than the book. THERE, I said it. Honestly the show is so great and amazing, and the book is just good. But PLEASE don't take my word and not read the book, do whatever you feel like!

Soooo, thats the end of my review I guess. If you have not read the book, please do. And if you need some convincing, watch a few episodes of the show - I'm sure it will help.

I am super excited to read the next few books in the series, and I hope you do to! :)

I rated this book a 4/5 stars.

Happy Reading Everyone,
Chelsea :P


  1. I agree with what you said about the tv show being better than the book, although it is interesting to see how are opinions differ on the book and tv show since I read the book first, I was surprised to see all of the changes and so many different characters in the show that were not in the book, and was extremely disappointed to see Glass in the show.

  2. I agree that the TV show is better than the book. No guilt there XD.


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