Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review Policy / Contact

My Email:  chelseakatrina(at)hotmail(dot)com

If you are an author/publisher ect. and would like me to review your book, feel free to send me an email after reading the following information. Thanks.

Note that I am from New Zealand. Please make sure that shipping to New Zealand is possible.

- I wish to recieve only young adult books and the occasional middle grade.

- I accept physical copys and proofs - At the moment I will not allow ebooks as i have no sutible device to read from.

- Please take note that your book may not be reviewed immediately, as school is starting to become very busy.

- I have the right to decline book/s.

- I accept every genre as I love to try new things.

- My review will be 100% honest.

If you are fine with my policy then go ahead and send me an email.
Please include some information about the book, the format you will be sending it in, and anything else you would like me to know. :P

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