Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I recently just created this blog so I am not the greatest at all this blogging stuff! Anyway.. I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you guys a lil bit about myself :p  

My name is Chelsea and I am 15 years old. 
I live in a small country named New Zealand, just across the ditch from Australia. If you think my country is just the land of sheep and kiwi's, I think you might need to do a bit more research ;)
My hair is the colour blonde, and when I mean blonde I mean really blonde but don't mistake me for the stereotypical dumb blonde, I'm not like that..

I enjoy everything summer! If you are looking for me around the summer season I will probably be hanging around the beach surfing and just enjoying the sun in general! I love spending time outdoors doing all different kinds of fun crazy things! Even though I spend lots of time doing sports, I always have time to enjoy a great book! I'm always reading in my spare time! :p

As for this blog, it has been running for only a very short time and more improvements are happening all the time. 
I write book reviews and will soon be starting with book-to-movie adaptations, discussion posts and much more so stay tuned.

If you have any questions or just want to chat in general you can email me at:
chelseakatrina(at)hotmail(dot)com :p

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